April 15, 2022

The Importance of Content Marketing When Designing Your Small Business Website

by Integral Solutions in Blog

As you plan for your small business web design, it’s important to incorporate a content marketing strategy. What is that, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s anything that communicates a message to a prospect or customer. Whether it’s a long article, a short tweet, or your landing page, people are forming an impression of your company based on the content they read.

Creating affordable websites is essential to your business success. At the same time, embrace the concept that content marketing needs to be the heart of your business. You are always talking to customers, readers, and even your competition regardless of the form your content takes. Some of the specific goals of your content marketing strategy to keep in mind as you plan your small business web design include:

  • Meeting the marketing goals of your organization
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Building brand awareness

Benefits of Having a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Building affordable websites is usually the primary goal of companies that are just starting to build an online presence. Unfortunately, few people will find your site unless you have a strategic plan for content marketing. Many people overlook this fact when developing small business websites. One reason for this is not understanding the benefits of setting aside time and money to get a content marketing program started. These are just some of the advantages to consider:

  • Direct customer conversions: Product descriptions, blog posts, and other content that tells people exactly what they want to know leads to conversions. That is one of the most important things to plan for with small business web design.
  • Increased collaboration: While you’re planning small business web design, every person has their job to do. Content marketing allows for greater teamwork between writers, designers, and other co-workers who may not collaborate all that often.

The goal of building affordable websites is getting as much high-converting traffic as possible. Great content gets people there, and high-quality products and services keep them there. Increased site traffic:

  • Improved SEO: When you have great content, you automatically attract editorial links that inform Google of your company’s importance and authority. That starts the ball in motion for Google to crawl the content and form an accurate impression of what your business represents. The result is that your small business websites show up in the results of highly relevant queries.
  • Indirect customer conversions: People who read content on your site or elsewhere on the Internet don’t always intend to buy your products or services. That may be just what they do, however, after learning more about what your business offers.
  • Brand awareness: People talk when your company produces valuable content. Your commitment to substance any quality small business web design pays off when people share and engage with the content.
  • Reputation as an industry leader: The more high-quality content you publish, the more likely people are to trust your organization and come to view it as an industry leader.

What is Flywheel Marketing?

Small business entrepreneurs often become impatient when trying to build affordable websites because they don’t see the above-mentioned benefits as soon as they would like. Content marketing fits in nicely with the concept of flywheel marketing. When you first start with this aspect of your small business web design, just turning the wheel takes a lot of effort. Eventually, the momentum you have built allows the wheel to turn on its own and provides you with greater results than you saw in the beginning.

It’s not uncommon for small business websites to enjoy initial success just by being new. Discouragement sets in when traffic levels die off, and this is the point when many online marketers quit. Don’t give up because it takes time for traction to build.

A Small Budget or Marketing Team Doesn’t Have to Hold You Back

When you’re new to the game and focusing all of your effort on building affordable websites, it can be overwhelming to think you need a full-time dedicated marketing team to create useful content. However, you can start by creating evergreen content, which is information that isn’t time-sensitive and doesn’t require frequent updating.

An initial lack of resources means that you must target your content as carefully as possible. That looks much more impressive to a prospective customer because it emphasizes quality over quantity. As your business grows, never be in such a rush to finish a project that you compromise on its functionality and appearance. It won’t take long for your reputation to suffer if you do that too many times. On the other hand, delighted customers will willingly tell all of their friends about the great service your company provided.