February 12, 2019

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

by Jon Barton in Blog

The world today connects through the internet, and social media networks are present in the lives of millions of people around the world. To have a successful business it is now more necessary than ever for companies to have a presence within the social media community as well.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest or any of the growing list of social platforms, provide an ideal environment for businesses to increase their reach, build brand recognition, and connect with customers more effectively.

Here are a few of the benefits you can gain through social media marketing:

Increased Sales: It doesn’t matter whether your company is focused on selling a product or service. Social media marketing can play an important role in helping you to increase sales. Of course, the primary goal of using social media shouldn’t be making sales, but to connect with consumers and maintain healthy relationships. But this is what will ultimately make sales possible.

Cost Effective: Social media marketing can be a low-cost yet effective way for businesses to build their brand and get the word out about sales or special promotions. Even companies with a limited budget can take advantage of this type of marketing.

Creates Brand Ambassadors: Brand ambassadors are essentially a free form of advertising. By connecting with consumers in a positive way, you also create a positive brand impression. When users of social media like you, they let others know by liking, sharing and following. This, in turn, increases your brand awareness and your chances of increasing sales.

Builds Relationships with Customers: Having a presence within the social network community allows you to connect with customers on a more personal level. You can answer questions and handle complaints quickly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than a disgruntled customer posting about a bad experience. Through proper communication, you can rectify the problem and avoid damage to your brand image. And you’ll probably also learn some valuable lessons on how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Provides Easy to Track Results: Facebook, Twitter, and some of the other social platforms integrate various tools to help you analyze your progress and the success of your social media marketing efforts. At a glance, you can recognize such things as:

  • How many follows have joined within a certain period of time
  • What types of content or promotions are most frequently “liked”
  • Audience reach on any given post or promotion

For your business to succeed, it is important that you understand your target audience, know what they need, what they expect, and how willing they are to be faithful to your product or service. By tracking your efforts and analyzing the results, you can continually fine tune your content to improve those results.

Today it is almost impossible for any business to thrive without a social media presence. It’s a low-cost method of connecting with consumers, creating brand awareness and providing a friendly face that customers can relate to. In the end, when you make a positive connection, you also make more sales.